So, after being quite spoilt for choice by our vibrant shade range, you’ve finally decided on a shade (or two!) to sport! The next question that arises is about the technique or color placement you want to try. If you’re currently experiencing the same confusion, you’ve clicked on just the right page. Read on to find out which is the best coloring technique for you depending on your expertise level and preference.

Global Hair Coloring Technique

The simplest of all is global, all-over color- just bleach your hair as mentioned in our bleaching guide, first tips and then roots, then proceed to apply the dye. Although the simplest look to achieve, this look does require some amount of maintenance when the roots start to grow out. You can choose to either recolour the roots, or let them grow out to eventually get an ombré style.

    Global ginger hair color technique with girl looking into the camera

    Image Courtesy: bellathorne/Instagram

    Ombré Hair Color Look

    This technique is not only easy to apply but also requires little to no maintenance in the long run. To achieve this look, bleach and color just the ends of your hair up till the desired length, leaving the hair towards the scalp natural. This style has no hassles of needing root touch-ups, and you can even chop your ends off when you get bored of your look.

      Aesthetic photo of girl with short pink hair ombre hair coloring look looking into the camera

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      This chic French technique is not very easy to do at home, but one can surely try their hand at the free-hand version of it. It involves free-hand dyeing certain sections of the hair, but the trick lies in seamlessly blending the colored sections with the natural hair. Unlike chunky highlights, the highlights in balayage are more organic and not well-defined at all.

        Balayage hair coloring technique with pastel pink on wavy hair

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        Chunky Highlights

        Chunky highlights are making a splash again after being all the rage in early 00’s. To achieve this trendy style, pick strands of desired thickness, and bleach them. Unlike Balayage though, the trick here is to keep these highlights well-defined. This can be done by wrapping the required strands in foil while bleaching and coloring.

          A girl with straight long hair with chunky hair coloring technique with chunks of purple hair color

          Image courtesy: Hairbycarafeder/instagram

          Money-Piece Hair Style

          A more specific version of chunky highlights, money-piece highlights (also called e-girl highlights) are thick face-framing strands with pop, neon shades. To try this Instagram-worthy style, part your hair in the middle and choose thick strands to color on both sides of your face. Remember to use foil when you color to keep the money-pieces from blending into the rest of your hair.

            Aesthetic photo of girl with money piece hair coloring technique clicking a selfie in the mirror

            Image courtesy: bellahadid/instagram

            Peek-a-boo Underlights

            This trendy look can be subtle when you want and pop when you choose. It involves letting the front and crown of your hair remain natural, while only coloring the section at the back. This technique requires some amount of skill or expertise level, so feel free to visit a salon if you’ve set your heart on getting a peek-a-boo color.

              Long hair with peach peek-a-boo hair or underlights not looking towards the camera

              Image Courtesy: scanlonhair/Instagram

              Split-Dye Hair Color Look

              This involves dividing your hair into two separates, usually strikingly contrast shades, either in a peek-a-boo way or simply by parting your hair in the middle and dyeing one part (or both if you’re feeling adventurous) a pop shade.

                Girl with split dyed hair in yellow and black looking away from the camera

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