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At paradyes, we comprehend that our clients want to make ethical and informed choices. Paradyes semi-permanent color is cruelty-free which implies none of our items have been tried or tested on animals. Our product additionally utilizes ayurvedic herbal extracts and is likewise free from any animal ingredient or animal derived ingredients which makes it vegan friendly.

That truly depends on your original hair color and the choice of hair color. In the event that you have dark hair, you may need to bleach your hair for an ideal outcome. In certain cases for certain color applications, you might require two rounds of bleaching to attain a level 9 or 10 base. If you have a naturally light color, you may not have to bleach your hair for certain shades. We propose testing on a couple of strands of hair before use. The whiter your hair, the better the results. If your hair has yellow tones, use a toner first. Having toned platinum hair is the best way to achieve the intended look!

By definition, semi-permanent hair colors last for about 6 to 12 washes. Paradyes on an avg. lasts about 10-15 washes depending upon hair type, the shade of the semi-permanent hair color, and the sort of cleanser and conditioner. That being said our product is long lasting, and with every wash the fading will render a beautiful shade on your hair.

We suggest washing your hair in cool water when you do need to cleanse it, utilizing dry shampoo in the middle of customary washes will keep your hair new and your color splendid! The more frequently you wash your hair, the quicker your color will fade. Sulphate-free shampoos are recommended for slow fading.

Despite the fact that our products are based on natural ingredients that are viewed as safe to utilize, we propose that you test them on a little region of your skin, for example, the inward crease of your elbow. Wash the chosen zone well. Apply a limited quantity of color and leave it for 24 hours. Inspect cautiously and in the event that you notice any skin aggravation, kindly don't use the item under any conditions. It would be ideal if you contact a doctor.

Color bleeding occurs because the water is too warm, always, always, always use cold water. Here’s why: Hot water will open the cuticle, letting a huge portion of the color you just applied to rinse right out. Cold water closes the cuticle and basically traps the color, preventing it from washing out. Generally, the colors will bleed for 4-5 washes, depending upon the color and hair quality.

Indeed. However only the new growth! Be mindful so as not to cover on hair that has just been bleached, this can cause breakage and harm the hair. Also, you can apply a lot of our shades on top of other colors if they have faded completely.

Once opened, we recommend using the color in one sitting. But if the color is sealed and stored properly after the first use, later applications are also possible within 6 months of opening the jar.

Crush up some Vitamin C powder in shampoo and wash your hair with the mixture. We’d love to see what color you pick up next! :)

The final results can sometimes be patchy due to multiple reasons like the uneven base tone of the hair, patchy color application, or not washing the hair properly after bleaching them. In these cases, it is best to go for the second round of application after washing the hair thoroughly twice.

Our colors can leave stains on anything that is permeable like our hair. So it is ideal to cover your work zone with plastic sacks and wrap, aluminium foil, paper, and so on to guarantee you don't get any undesirable staining on your home surfaces. Continuously wash your hair under a tap and away from your face. We don't suggest washing your newly colored hair in the shower, as this can make the color splatter and stain your shower dividers and tub. In the event that you do get some hair color on anything use bleach based cleaning splashes, acetone based nail polish remover or ipa based sanitisers.

No, our colors could not be used to cover up your greys. Semi-permanent colors cannot be used for root ups as fresh hair are not porous enough for the color to deposit on it. The color will slip off from the roots when applied. However greys on the lengths can catch some color and show tint as those hair are porous. For roots, to lower your hair porosity and make the color deposit, you can choose to use a Vol.20 developer on your hair prior to coloring.

Yes, it is indeed possible to achieve a pastel shade by following a few easy steps. First of all, make sure you have a level 10/platinum blonde base before you color. Then, mix a few spoonfuls of your chosen shade with a conditioner prior to application. Remember, the more color you mix in, the brighter (and less pastel) your result will be.

No. Do not apply bleach to Keratin-treated hair. Bleach may be applied on re-growth only. Bleach swells the cuticles and makes them more vulnerable to chemical damage and also damages your hair's protein structure. Please consult a professional if you wish to apply bleach to Keratin-treated hair.

The Paradyes Lighten Up! Bleach Pack lifts your hair level only by 4 or 6 levels. If your hair is jet black, you can reach a dark blonde level after a single round of bleaching. You might need to go for another round to get a light blonde base if you wish to get vibrant and optimum hair coloring results. 

Red and orange pigments are the most dominant undertones in dark hair. Those blonde locks may develop brassy tones after bleaching if you have a buildup of chemicals or minerals in your hair. If you have used a Permanent Hair Color previously, it will not be possible to get a pure blonde base in one sitting.

Yes. However, we suggest you wait for at least two-three months between two bleaching sessions. This allows your hair to regain its moisture and strength to withstand another bleaching session. Please follow professional guidance before you bleach or color your hair if you are a beginner.

The maximum amount of time you should leave the bleach on your hair is 60 minutes. Any longer than that will expose your hair to the risk of serious damage, including brittle strands. Check the strands after 30 minutes to see whether you have achieved the desired results or not. Do not keep the bleach for more than 60 minutes at most while ensuring that you check the strands after every 10 minutes past the 30-minute interval.

Wash the bleach ONLY with shampoo. Dry your hair completely and apply the hair color. Bleaching opens hair cuticles and they might become dry and frizzy, hence we recommend that there be a minimal gap between the bleaching and coloring of your hair. 

With level 1 hair, you might need 2 rounds of bleaching to reach an optimum level for getting vibrant results with our hair colors. After round 1, check if your hair feels healthy and see if the elasticity is intact. If you do not suffer from hair fall post bleaching then you may choose to bleach again. 

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