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MFG & Quality Control

Paradyes was built from the ground up, with a vision to bring only the best quality products to the Global market. Growing up, our founder, Yushika experimented immensely with hair dyes owing to her father’s business in the hair cosmetic industry. For the last 27 years, her father's business has consistently catered to the international market by manufacturing and supplying premium-quality dyes to businesses across the U.S.A., Russia, Spain, France, China, Japan, Mexico and more. Building upon this illustrious legacy, Paradyes aims to combine over two decades worth of manufacturing expertise along with a youthful, global appeal to craft a unique, high-value product for its patrons.

Regarding our ambitious project, we have established whole new manufacturing setup dedicated to Hair Cosmetics. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest technology available to manufacture hair colors. Our premises are FDCA approved, and None of the manufacturing work is outsourced, which helps us maintain control of the whole process. All the critical Dyes & Pigments required to make the semi-permanent color creams are also manufactured at our facilities. It gives us a stronghold not only on the quality of the finished product but also on our essential raw materials’ quality.

In-house Manufacturing
FDCA Approved Infrastructure

To help us maintain and assure the highest quality checks and standards, we have established our very own Q.C Lab equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. We not only get our products vetted and certified by govt. Agencies but carry out our testing as well to make sure every batch produced meets our promised standards.

With our strong focus on Make in India, we always strive to reduce dependency on imports and procure all our raw materials locally. This helps related industries grow, supports us in meeting our production timelines, and safeguards us against the risk of shipment and other delays related to import.

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